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Decoo, the Entrance to Web 3.0

Decoo helps to store your files by IPFS / Crust Network and make them accessible anywhere, anytime.

What is Decoo#

Decoo is a Web3.0 service provider established by DCF (Decentralized Cloud Foundation). Decoo focus on IPFS Pinning & Hosting Service, Decentralized Cloud Storage, Node Service and API Service. Decoo aims to create an easy-to-use entrance infrastructure into Web3.0 - a real decentralized, distributed cloud, for worldwide users.

How Decoo works#

Decoo leverage two open web protocols, a distributed file system - IPFS, and a decentralized storage incentive layer - Crust, to realized a truly feasible and user-friendly cloud infrastructure for the coming Web 3.0 world. Decoo is a integrited technical solution provider as well as an ultimate cloud service.

Connect Decoo#


For business contact: [email protected]

For technical support: [email protected]

For recruitment: [email protected]