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Decoo provides a vendor-agnostic IPFS Pinning Service API implementation based on Crust Network, which can be directly requested or used through ipfs pin remote command set.


IPFS Pinning Service API is deployed in Decoo Cloud. Decoo Cloud automatically selectes an Endpoint for file pinning, you don't need to be concerned with underlying steps like selecting an Endpoint, requesting temporary access token from Decoo Cloud to authenticate with the selected Endpoint, etc.



The Pinning Services API uses the Bearer Token method for authentication. The API Key is automatically generated when creating an account at Decoo, which could be found at panel -> API -> API JWT. You can provide an authentication header using your API Key just like accessing other Decoo Cloud APIs:

"Authorization": "Bearer <YOUR_API_KEY>"

Configuring Decoo in the IPFS CLI#

You can also pin to Decoo directly from the IPFS CLI using the IPFS command.

To add Decoo credentials:

ipfs pin remote service add decoo <YOUR_API_KEY>

To pin a CID to Decoo under a human-readable name:

ipfs pin remote add --service=decoo --name=<FILE_NAME> <CID_TO_PIN>

To list successful pins:

ipfs pin remote ls --service=decoo

To list pending pins:

ipfs pin remote ls --service=decoo --status=queued,pinning,failed

For more commands and general help:

ipfs pin remote --help